Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Mystic and Mysticism

Mysticism is a doctrine of humility, it is a doctrine in which the individual steps aside and allows the truth to live through him.

Mysticism is a person in a very gentle humble kindly unselfish relationship with life. The mystic expects to be a servant. He is a servant of truth, a servant of God, and a servant of his fellow man regardless of his estates or dignities.

It is then natural that the mystic by having fewer false pressures upon his life is able to release more of the internal computerization because he is not primarily concerned with personal advantage, he is not trying to gain something for himself. He is not trying to twist facts to suit his personal preferences.

~ Manly Palmer Hall ~

Mysticism is an excerpt from MPH's lectures on Intuition that can be listened to on YouTube.

 Manly Palmer Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society in 1934. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The building is at 3910 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles.

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