Sunday, May 28, 2017

Artilla ... Mt Connor Central Australia.

What a magical place to gaze upon... 

Mt Connor is a Mesa 700 million years old and lies in a direct line (and older x 2 to 300 million yrs) with the Northern Territories two other large sacred places, that of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  Artilla as it is known is now apart of the huge Curtain Springs cattle property.

0199 Mt. Conner, NT
Aboriginal stories

In the Dreamtime stories of the local Aboriginal People it is connected with the feared Ninya, or Ice Men, the creators of cold weather. The Ninya are believed to have camped at Artila during the Dreamtime, but now they live about 25 km away to the north beneath a dry lake. The Aboriginal People believe that when deep cracks form on the soles of their feet they are caused by ice left in the grass by the Ninya. There is evidence on the coarse pebbles of the mesa that at some point in the past, presumably in the Pleistocene ice age, the area did indeed undergo some degree of glaciation. Maybe the dreamtime stories in this area are memories of the glacial phase that has been passed on through many generations. History remembered in stories.
Mt Conner, especially her caves, is a refuge to some rock-dwelling marsupials and bats.

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