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Medicine from Cannabis

Lets define the word 'Medicine'.

From Latin medicina "the healing art", medicine; a remedy. 

So what is a REMEDY then

From re-, intensive prefix (or perhaps literally, "again;" see re-), + mederi "to heal", from Late Latin remedialis "healing, curing," from Latin remedium.

By Hank Schultz, 30-Sep-2016
A new line of dietary supplements from hemp bases its message on the full suite of phytocannabinoids in the products, as well as its aim not to push the edges of the regulatory envelope, its founder says.


So, its pretty clear to the average bear that all of the above definitions talk about healing.  There is nothing in any of the definitions that even remotely say's medicine is something that can kill you,  (ie Chemotherapy, Anti Psychotics, Shock Therapy, SSRI's, Anti-Depressants) the list grows.

Back to the Cannabis / Medicine subject.  The government has been controlling this substance for more years than many of us care to remember now.  For far too long a basically harmless plant has been held back from human kind when our loved ones are ill and are in need of the medicine to survive the conditions of modern living.   This has occurred because of greed and the inability to control the use of the plant in order to make corporations huge profits!   We all know the pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of health.  There are no huge profit margins in healthy people who no longer wish to swallow the jaded therapies orchestrated to keep a certain percentage of the population under control via the use of seriously dangerous mind altering substances that can result in death.  This is done under the guise of "medicine".

Presently, the government want to control this plant for medicinal use and start fiddling around with this part and that part and blah blah blah.  This is a death knell on the empirical value of the plant and its extraordinary  healing capacities.  They are simply barking up the wrong tree doing this and once again wasting time when people could be well.

I have lost count how many times I have said in the defense of Cannabis that only the full spectrum plant extract or the use of the entire plant matter in ingestion will do the healing job effectively!  

The people pushing the fiddling agenda, mainly the under educated passionate do gooder's  pushing for extracts who are blind to the basic facts of medicinal plant use and how and what makes this MEDICINE are responsible for this mess!    It has to cease. These people are simply ignorant because they don't want the science, they are not nescient.  The information has been clearly outlined from countless corners.

Once again we see mankind looking to make a quick dollar and greedy corporations willing to forgo the true benefits by hurtling down the path of extracting and isolating the CBD's and ignoring what the THC compounds do simultaneously to cause healing to happen in the body.  They are willing to go this far all for profit.   An evil section of humanity would partake, motivated by the suffering of others and the ridiculous time wasting testing band wagon created by governments.

The Facts

We have an Endocannabinoid system very similar to our Endocrine system (hormones / switches) and we have Cannabinoid receptors in our bodies.  

Do you for some reason think this is just is in our body by accident?  No, you would not be that silly would you? This plant was used as a medicine for thousands of years up until the 1940's when the DuPont corporation cooked up a good story to sell the public inaccurate information demonizing the plant. This was a strategic business decision in order to make a fortune.  Common sense should tell you something is terribly wrong.

Children who suffer from endless seizures have been cured, soldiers plagued with PTSD have found solace and relief.  Cancers have been cured, eliminated and remitted.  One would have to ask what is wrong with that?

It is a sad indictment of our society to take this laying down and think it is alright.    I have  been concerned by what I have seen regarding this entire subject since 1975 when I first understood the prohibition that occurred in the USA and how successive governments were chided to follow the lead of the American fools.  I joined NORML and learned what I could from reputable sources.

Today, I will say again and again.  Don't fiddle with the medicine. If it works, don't question why.  

You are blessed to have the courage to use Cannabis as medicine if you are new to this type of treatment.  I can imagine that fear would play a great part in not trying it.   When its life and death and this dilemma is faced on the daily, then fear plays an increasingly smaller factor when health is all someone wants to achieve. 

What ailments Cannabis has helped with already....

PTSD.. Shell Shock .. More precisely known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious ailment effecting a huge percentage of the population.  243 Australian soldiers have committed suicide after coming home from the Middle Eastern War with extreme cases of PTSD.  They take the meds, and a lot take their life. This is all the government offer for these people who risked their lives, supposedly for us all as a nation. 

We have another large slice of the population trying to cope with PTSD as a direct relation of being brought up by government and church institutions in care, suffering the endless abuse incurred just being a human being and being a helpless child. So many of these people commit suicide too.  Once again the 'Big Pharma' medicine the doctors prescribe is clearly not working. 

In my 57 years I have not seen a positive outcome with friends who have been good patients and taken their meds.  Many are now dead, took their own lives because they could no longer cope with the side effects layered on top of the trauma.

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I know this condition way too intimately.  I am aware I would not be the person I am today had I not done what I have had to do over the years and refuse their medications.   This is my life and my  body and my emotions and my pain.  Its not their body, it is mine.  People should be able to use a harmless plant that has so many benefits and not be penalized like a criminal for attempting to find peace and health.  None of that is sensible and all of it is psychotic.

On the use argument, people who don't find benefit  have the free will to cease using the plant with no adverse side effects if they so choose. This is unlike the Big Pharma Medications that can be lethal if you cease to medicate with these.  

Like all substances deemed medicines, not everything is a cure all for everyone. However, not being able to try is basically GENOCIDE on the part of the various lawmakers of the worlds different governments while ever they withhold this from the sick public and waste money making its use a crime.

People are waking up on the daily to the corruption that keeps a few people filthy rich.  Those that haven't woken up will have to catch up or be destined to shrivel via their own heart / brain decisions that  destroy the soul.  

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