Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Centrelink is Bugge(re)d 

It is surely going to be mammoth task to wean a country off this type of dependency the government set us all up for.  I am a pensioner myself and I know how difficult it is to manage when the cost of living is so high.
We left a rental in the last 2 years that basically precluded us from eating normally, and heating - well that was out of the question.  But I still managed to do some volunteer work that fitted with my disability.  

As a young person I never had a chance to think much about financial wealth.  It just didn't seem right for me.  There was no helping hand when I first married, no family support at the Bank to secure a loan, we just did the best we could with what we had.  This lack of a support network is the result of being a child alienated from family and connections early and having the government become my parent and caregiver.  

It was the straw that broke the camels back for me.  Never trust a government to take care of you.  I think this quote was about retirement, but as far as I can see it goes for children as well.  The government is not and hasn't ever done a great job where people are concerned and especially children. 

I wake up from a bad dream and still think I am there in those dank horrid homes today and that I am still a child.  That is how much it still effects me.  I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it effects everything I do on the daily.  It effects my relationships with people mostly.  I become withdrawn and make very bad decisions when I feel the walls closing in.  They never cared to heal the hole they blew in my soul which has made things increasingly difficult to negotiate as the years have whipped past.  I never got compensation. I was living in the wrong state?  Go figure - its Australia for goodness sake.  Facts speak for themselves, they didn't care.

Christian Porter needs to have a few days on the welfare card himself and see how he fares in all things commercial and economical.  The card means you can't haggle with cash.  This is a dim outlook.  These punitive measures against the poorest in society is clearly pointing out the uncaring mindset once again.  Once again they create a new set of issues for themselves doing this.  More deaths, more suicides and broken family relationships.

On the subject of the availability of Cigarettes and Alcohol to those on any form of Welfare:  all goods marketed legally should be available to be purchased by all legal citizens.  If welfare spent on ciggy's as bad then ban ciggy's outright from the market.  If they see someone celebrating a birthday and having a beer who is on welfare and they consider this bad, then ban alcohol completely. I don't see the problem.  There is no respite.  There is no voucher printed for a beer on your birthday like they do with travel vouchers where a pensioner can head off somewhere twice a year on the pensioner travel scheme.

I see withholding legal goods from a particular section of the population because of welfare entitlements or non-entitlements as a farce.   I agree people should not spend their money on these things when there is food and rent to pay. However it also stops a person from doing this responsibly and that my friend is where we are well and truly tied to the Nanny State. It thinks for us and has no compassion or room for pats on the back if you get through this hell unscathed.

The system is clearly broken.

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