Thursday, August 04, 2016

Barnaby Joyce ... Big sigh!

 On 11 February 2016, Joyce was elected unopposed as Leader of the National Party, with Fiona Nash as his deputy, and was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia on February 18, 2016.

He won his seat in the New England over the independent Tony Windsor and since then has made gaff after gaff and had to recover himself time and time again.

Jesuit trained no doubts as he has a strange way of looking at the world.  It is clearly an antiquated Roman Catholic view.   After all he thinks Gay marriage will impede his daughters having a normal marriage.  Some how I just don't get his logic here.  Perhaps he fears there are more gay men than he previous expected and worries there wont be enough straight men for his straight daughters.

Ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd didn't get his position with the United Nations because Barnaby hadn't buried a previous hatchet adequately.  Presently, questions are being asked did Barnaby lie to the Australian people about this.
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