Friday, August 19, 2016

Alpaca Overview: Felting Alpaca

 Yesterday I went to a felting workshop ... I made an awesome piece and felted a chiffon scarf. 

My felted scarf
Today after reading this article below I attempted to felt raw Alpaca wool.  It worked a treat.   I am going to do several unique pieces and join those tastefully as a band on a long warm skirt for winter.  I intend to make a work of art to wear.  Something resembling that of a Nordic style, to which from one corner of the world I inherit my strong blonde hair. 

Felting is such a joy!

palette of alpaca
Image Source - Flickr
Alpaca Overview: Felting Alpaca: Felting with Alpaca Felting is one of the many way ways to utilize alpaca fiber.   Felting alpaca can create a dense, fabric like materi...

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