Friday, July 15, 2016

A low vibrating entity is such because it is motivated only by material wealth.

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A few years back I took the decision to be happy in myself  although being very poor in monetary terms. 

I could no longer compete on the level others were.   It was destroying my well-being as I kept trying to do this.

So, I made a decision to be the happiest I can possibly be on the least there possibly is.  I succeeded at doing this.  Survival is basic and increasingly people are misguided about this because of media and the general idea that is in our society.   Its all about being really mindful of how you can make a difference.

There are so many things we can do.  It does take effort and commitment.  Water costs real money, and if you don't have much then this is a drain that can be aided by conserving and saving water for the garden to avoid paying for this.  Use containers if there is no tank.  Gardens get thirsty.

Food is expensive, one can garden to off set costs.  This is aided by collecting free manure as fertilizer instead of using a bought chemical version.  Collecting your own seeds for next years crops is also money saving over a time. 

When you have a glut of particular fruits and vegetables, swapping, freezing, drying or bottling are ways to retain the preciousness longer for your family until next season.

Electricity is expensive and being smart can save you money.  Money that could be spent on things that can't be sought from an inexpensive source. 

Use cheap outdoor solar lights inside to light up dark places during the night. There is no need for turning on and off of lights for a short time using this solar method.  Boil water in the microwave if you have one (they are not much for cooking) as this is much cheaper than boiling a bench kettle.

My children think I am misguided for taking on this and abolishing my anxiety around not having enough by creating ways to make life pleasant and satisfying.

I have heard my grown up children refer to me as being in a  mentally ill state due to what they see as useless obsessions.  Its a sad thing they think about money in such a fashion as they do and don't see that you can't actually eat it.   Its not mental to save water - we all could be doing this because we live in such a dry continent.

Disappointingly, I have had to come to the realization that it is my kids who are seriously misguided and not myself.  Their ideas are redundant from my huge worldly perspective.  The dead ideas of owning stuff being the watermark of success is seriously floored.  Its an ideology fostered to make all the workers good slaves.  Pressure was always applied to my kids via equally misguided friends  (children of blind slaves) with regards  to this very subject of recycling, re-using, budgeting, gardening because for my kids I am an embarrassment.. Well go figure hey ??

Their meta-physic needs kicking to the curb before it effects their health.  All of society could do well to do a similar overhaul.

A low vibrating entity is such because it is motivated only by material wealth.

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