Monday, April 18, 2016

Wind comes from the Sun, so cool.

IMG 1530 Sun walking on Water 

See the Sun walking on water.  I believe this is what the real meaning of walking on water comes from.  The shape this forms is found in ancient symbolism.

The Sun creates heat on a planet that is lumpier and bumpier than my Sunday gravy, Earth.   It is the mountains and valleys which creates the differing temperatures that then make wind.   None of it possible with out the sun.  The sun is the heat factor that causes the expansion.  The heat is sent via radiation from the sun and so wind has a magnetic beginning.

Without the sun being what it is it would be impossible produce solar, wind, or water energy.

Our sun creates energy here on Earth and without the sun every thing would be pointless.  We would not exist for starters Without the Moon there would not be ocean tides.   The Moon is moving away from the Earth. In a few billion years it's orbit will have expanded about 40%,  it is said this will have severe effects on our oceans and tides.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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