Friday, April 22, 2016

PRINCE dead at 57

Prince at Coachella 001 

This year has been crazy for losing musicians.  We all die but it is like the cream of the crop is kicking it at the same time.  Its true, its been one after another and sometimes two a day.

Prince was a legend.  A Gemini.  That explains so much of his multiple talents in the communication arena and the acting and music arena.  He was a dilettante with immense talent.

The entire world is in mourning again.  The loss of Prince Rogers Nelson will leave a huge gap in the music industry.  Presently I am listening to a tribute show being played by Miff Warhurst on Double J radio.  Its really beautiful and I would say this is happening all over the world right now as I type.

Here is When Doves Cry......  one of my old favorites.   Prince did things in the 70's and 80's that people are only just coming to now.  He was most definitely a unique soul.  I hope his soul is flying!

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