Saturday, April 16, 2016

Clive Palmer Media Release QLD Nickel

clive palmer
Danielle Lewis

Media release:
Morrison abusing Ministerial power to lobby ASIC: Clive Palmer
Treasurer Scott Morrison was abusing his power as a Minister to lobby ASIC and make personal attacks over Queensland Nickel, the Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, said today.
Mr Palmer said politicians from both major parties were engaging in a witch hunt against him to protect the two-party system rather than acknowledging the real reason for Queensland Nickel’s difficulties which was falling global commodity prices.
He said in the last 24 hours Mr Morrison, Michaela Cash, Bill Shorten, Brendan O’Connor and Ewen Jones had all attacked him personally over Queensland Nickel rather than deal with the facts.
“In just one example in the media today we see Scott Morrison abusing his power as a minister to lobby ASIC. This is a blatant case of Mr Morrison using his office for an improper purpose to attack me personally for political reasons,’’ he said.
“He is attacking me when in fact he is hiding the short comings of his Federal Government in assisting the people of North Queensland.”
Mr Palmer said the Federal Member for Herbert, Ewen Jones, did not have any success lobbying his own government for assistance for the Townsville community.
“If assistance was provided we wouldn’t have seen job losses,’’ Mr Palmer said.
“The real story why Queensland Nickel is in receivership is because of the low commodity prices.
“The Chinese and Canadian Governments have helped resource sectors in their countries, so we aren’t on a level playing field.
“The Australian Government continues to be reactive instead of proactive, while job losses continue to mount up across the resources sector.
“We have seen 23,000 job losses in the resource sector in Queensland in the last 12 months and, most recently, the situation unfolding at Whyalla.
“This is a political witch hunt against me by politicians who want to keep the two-party system intact and reject any independent views,’’ Mr Palmer said.

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