Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cedar Point Ceremony place is now under serious threat.

Cedar Point is near Kyogle Northern New South Wales.  It is located just South of Kyogle, on the Summerland way where the Bentley road, from Lismore, joins Summerland way.

Its a known as an initiation site, a traditional initiation site  of the Githabul / Gullibul original  people/men who were the custodians of the area.   Cedar Point is threatened by mining's little brother - quarrying.  They want to build a quarry on an area that the traditional owners have not given the government proper cultural approval from the real custodians of that area.

The issue has been looming for a few years now but lately a road has been cut into the area and it is now on Red Alert that damage will ensue if this company is not stopped and the truth of the illegal entry sorted out.

From: 'Nimbin Goodtimes' front page article - Jan. 2013 edition.

Githabul make a stand at Cedar Point Githabal spokesperson, Rob Williams Snr, made it clear that the site was too sacred to be mined, inextricably linked to men’s health and essential in resurrecting ancient lore and culture.  He said it was from this site that the Githabal intend to teach their young men language, bring back their songs and ceremonies and communicate with the spiritual guardians of this sacred place.

Rob was adamant that mining was not negotiable. The offense doesn’t stop on site. Rob is aware, and has seen statutory declarations confirming that sacred objects and tools, which belong to the site in- perpetuity, were removed.

The Githabul demand their immediate return. This removal off-country is not only a cultural affront of the highest order, it has directly affected and accelerated the passage and approval of this mining development. The absence of these original artifacts is crucial and taints all processes and assumptions that followed.
Image by Binnah Pownall
30th March 2016 (by Binnah Pownall)

IMG 608 Kyogle areaCULTURAL HERITAGE IN DANGER OF DESTRUCTION work has started to prepare for the proposed quarry on a traditional tribal men's initiation site at Cedar Point, just south of Kyogle.
A road has been cut into the hill to gain truck access to the top of the hill where the quarry is proposed.

There is a determined group of people supporting the Githabul people in ensuring this cultural destruction does not go ahead. By rights, the cutting of that road should have at least been overseen by a cultural sites officer.
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Please pass this notification onto those who are interested in helping to preserve the all important ORIGINAL CULTURE OF THIS COUNTRY.  Stand by - a meeting will be called soon.

IMG 8223  Looking across Cedar Point South of Kyogle

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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