Friday, February 05, 2016


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Synthetic cannabis medical trial to treat Victorian children with severe epilepsy...

Ten children will initially be involved in the Austin Health trial, which will focus on finding the right dose of the drug developed by an American pharmaceutical company.
What are people not getting about this? 
Synthetic Cannabis? 
Why synthetic? 

This should be looked at very seriously by the Australian public because this is not what health with Cannabis use as a medicine is about. 

The natural plant and the use of all of the CBD's in the entire plant are needed to work in a medicinal way. 

I have read Herbals that are two hundred and fifty years old that refer to this plant and its health benefits.  Our governments need to wake up and stop paying monkeys top dollar and getting back a bag of moldy smelly peanuts in return.

People died in French trials. This has to stop.  To even think that synthetic cannabis use is ethical even when the real plant is required is the work of psychopaths.

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