Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Age Unicorn Huggers... A psyops!

Baby Boomers - Disco Fever - STD testing

UNICORN HUGGER'S ought to read this little rant on the so called NEW AGE MOVEMENT! I totally agree it was a psyop's.

Its the vegetarian new age way is what I heard them all say. Well lettuces scream too and some of us hear them and you wanna talk eyes? I lost count how many eyes a lettuce has, and its sure hell sensitive. Why? Because it shy's away as you go towards it to cut it off from the ground.

This displays a level of consciousness that the vegetarians who freak out on eyes need to wake the hell up about and stop preaching the baseless crap that is continually preached about everything lowering their vibration! Their vibration was a soul contract they agreed to a very very long time ago.
They had the choice - they chose to shut down their common sense.

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