Tuesday, November 03, 2015

So... Dog kisses might be good for our wholistic health!

IMG 7650 Hello from Phoenix
Our smiling Phoenix!
I have never doubted the fact that dogs are good for us.  It is the reason why I had always wanted a dog in my life.  I had read before they could remedy the symptoms of PTSD.  I was unable to have a dog of my own until eight years ago.  Life looked more positive in a lot of ways when she (Phoenix)  came into my life.

This beautiful girl pictured is Phoenix and she came into my life with my new partner and a new relationship.

Phoenix likes to give me a kisses always but  purposely two times a day before she leaves to go for a walk she comes to give me a good bye kiss.  When she is ready for a walk she is full of excitement and she is told to "Be Gentle and kiss Mum". 

She gives me such a lovely lick goodbye and looks at me with her big brown eyes with excitement as though she is saying "See you when I get back".

I have not been sick for the eight years since she has been in my life.  I was putting this down to onion bottoms [to plant] left on the bench to dry (reputed to ward off illnesses). 

I now wonder it is having a dog.  As I type this we are on my bed and she loves to be near me.  When I am sad she sticks very close to me and its undeniable this makes me feel better.  Her kisses will be so much more acceptable now we know they may have some pro-biotic value to health.

Since laying down with her when she nearly died of a tick and her communicating to me exactly where the tick was hiding after we had all tried endlessly in vain to locate the ghastly parasite proved to me that we can communicate on a level where Love is the channel to use.  
I love you Phoenix, thank you for being my beautiful dog.  Thank you for loving me the way you do.  It is an honour to have you in my life.
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Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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