Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So... have you ever wondered why Cannabis is illegal?

Cannabis Cures Cancer
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I am sure there are a whole new wave of people around now who desperately need educating regarding why the most helpful plant on the planet [that appears to be from out of this world] would be illegal.   When it is clear there are so many countless positive benefits all round from utilizing it, there should be hoards who are scratching the heads going 'huh'!!

I was lucky to have learned the truth about this when I was just 16 years old.  That is now a cool forty years ago now.  When I was 20 I joined NORML.   Over those years since I have watched the rubbish touted by the government parasites whose vested interests kept this plant illegal and made criminals out of otherwise good people.

People who never would have been and never broke the law in any other way.   The illegal status has also prevented people who have certain ailments from having quality of life, children have died have endless seizures while cancers have risen and cannabis can treat this, the madness marched on as it was kept from those that most needed its benefits.

That is just the medicinal side without considering the myriad of other benefits this plant has both nutritionally and industrially. You can purchase food grade Hemp seeds now and people should be munching out on these as often as they can.  The Hemp oil is so beneficial to use in the kitchen for its health benefits.

Please click through and read the entire truth together with a timeline and details of the corruption in the USA in the 1930's that started the gigantic mess that we have today.  Today, we have jails full and lots of sick people and 1% of the people owning 99% of the wealth of the entire world. 
"Sugar how'd you get so fly"

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