Thursday, October 22, 2015

Macrocosm and Microcosm

IMG 7901  Pretty Stink Beetle (Weevil)
Getting up close and personal with a pretty bug.

Watch this very short informative instructogram of the explanation of the simplicity of our world.

The natural processes of growth are variously influenced by magnetic energy both in man and the world around him.  The small mirrors the greater.  I often think that our eyes are like tiny universes and I have pondered often the water courses resembling trees and veins and that trees are very similar to placenta's in shape.  It is a level of consciousness that is in all is the All.

I first learned about the Macrocosm / Microcosm principal when my then husband and I were learning about "Mind Powers" from Kerry Riley and his wife in the early 1980's in Brisbane.  

I actively embraced conceptually that patterns are fulfilled without humanity even laying a finger on the growth.   When you understand this, it is then possible to understand the world on a different level and you understand the quickening that occurs both in a pregnant woman and the world waking up are but one and the same also.  It is but the divine process that is common to us all here in the universes.

"The beautiful orderliness of the universe is not only the manifestation of Intellect; it is also the model for rational souls to understand and to emulate. Such understanding and emulation restores those souls to their original state of excellence, a state that was lost in their embodiment."

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