Friday, September 25, 2015

There has to be something seriously amiss with proper process re: Heritage Register.

I keep seeing incidences of Aboriginal sacred places being removed from the heritage register.  This has to be corrupt. How can a site become UN SACRED is beyond me. 

IMG 7250
Desperate need for protection of sacred sites at the Pilliga as well.

To then have to go through the process of re registering has to be time consuming and money consuming all the while done to try to protect the mongrel government from being prevented to doing whatever it seemingly likes with no respect for this land and the longest known history on Earth.

Indigenous site 'older than pyramids' in Perth freeway's path taken off heritage register

Archaeological survey by state’s Department of Aboriginal Affairs identified no Aboriginal material at Bibra lake north site in Perth, despite 1970s study that uncovered more than 2,000 artifacts.
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