Sunday, September 06, 2015

Syrian children are dying... Our world is dying and we know it!

Governments who stand by and watch the pain and do nothing are the true criminals of the world.  These are the heartless who live and work among us on all lands. 

These people are the true vessels of evil.  Allowing such as serious lie to be promulgated in the name of greed is despicable on all levels. 

This poor little boy drowned and because I have this innate fear of drowning - I went to pieces.  I could barely bear how I felt. 

This level of evil shows it is evident that there is truth in knowing our land is at an end as we know it.  The great cycle of change will strip the Universe bare of these evil creatures who have spawned evil and greed across the Mother.
 Rest Peacefully
Aylan Kurdi

When I saw this picture I was hit by chills, melancholy immersed in my heart. I do not understand this sorrow I am seeing. I just see that the Arab homeland is being destroyed and is leaving people with no choice. This poor child had to flee to find a safe place to live , but sadly the end of his life was in middle of the sea. Maybe death by sea is more merciful than to live in chaos. Syrian baby's corpse washed up on a Turkish beach.  Shame on all arab governments.

His name was Aylan. He was 3 years old, from war-torn Syria.  His final journey was supposed to end in sanctuary in Europe; instead it claimed his life and highlighted the plight of desperate people caught in the gravest refugee crisis since World War II.

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