Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oombulgurri was a complete beat up by Govt shills.

The ripple effect has clearly turned out to be a complete human disaster.

IMG 5140 Dripping Rock Reflections near Leards Forest.

The closing of the community of a 100 people at Oombulgurri in Western Australia was the model to be used to close the WA150, the 150 communities they were threatening to close.  Barnett has back peddled on this now.  They have tried Vegemite, and even though we do have an ice crisis with the drug ice, mission managers are providing rubbish information to the superiors making policy.  It is disgusting.
The police commissioner’s comments infuriated Anthony Watson, chairman of Kimberley Land Council (KLC). Watson says that claims of sexual abuse without substantive evidence or arrests is alarming, an emotional ploy being used as a smokescreen to mask the government’s justification in closing more communities.
“It just shows that he and his officers aren’t doing their jobs in the community. It’s demonising the Indigenous community of the Kimberley. Demonising us men as all rapists and child abusers.”
Source : Buzz Feed

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