Monday, September 28, 2015

My Rescue Stone... Raspberry Rhodonite.

Rhodonite Designer Gemstone Cabochon 43 x 23 x 6 and 12.6 Grams Domed with Flat Outer Rim. 

Recently I have been using rocks for the vibrations they produce when combined with the human vibration or Schumann Resonance we produce in time with the Earth.  I received some Lapis lazuli for my birthday but I was missing something.  I don't think it is crazy to enlist all the help one can get to achieve healing, especially with matters that concern the heart or its brokenness.

At the markets in Coffs Harbour I was drawn to a table of rocks.  I immediately picked the pink and black one which is affectionately known as Raspberry Rhodenite. I purchased my stone which is rhodonite (pink), tephroite (greenish) and hausmannite (black).

I found some very interesting information on Rhodonite.  (Click the links to read much more about the properties of various stones and their uses.)

It has been known as the rescue stone and I really felt my heart could do with some rescuing and bolstering of my heart chakra to help heal.  I researched this stone and found it to be very helpful.

(From the Internet source at the bottom)
Rhodonite is a very very interesting stone found in many places across the world and in Australia is is plentiful in the New England Area where I live and there is a very small scale mine NNE 30k from Tamworth that mines Rhodonite.
Rhodonite has quite a distinct pink or rose red color, although material containing black veins is more popular than the uniform pink.

The word rhodonite is derived from the Greek word rhodon for rosy, although there is also reference that credited a Celtic word rhod, which means wheel, as the origins of the name.

In antiquity, rhodonite was given to travelers as a protective stone, it was said to warn them of imminent danger by causing the heartbeat to accelerate suddenly.

Healing Properties:

By reducing stress and calming the mind, rhodonite can ease physical and emotional traumas. especially emotional scars left by old wounds. It will enhance self-esteem, confidence and the energy levels of both the body and the mind. It will help you begin to accept the healing relief of forgiveness.

Rhodonite will also assist the nervous system, thyroid, pituitary gland and the body's reflexes. It will strengthen the immune system and aid the heart.

Victims of sudden heart attacks or equally serious illnesses may recover more quickly and more completely if they carry the stone during their convalescence. Wounds and cuts heal rapidly, with less scarring when a stone is applied directly to the injury.

Healers using psychic and intuitive energies in their medicine will find rhodonite an important companion stone. It protects you from being injured or permanently damaged by the harmful energies you work with. The stone gives the healer strength to remain constant and your intent focused during your task.

Rhodonite raises self worth and helps ward off negativity.
It has been known as a "rescue stone".

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