Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kabbalah ......Understanding God.

The Kabbalah describes God as Ein Sof, which in Hebrew means "without end."  The Kabbalah shows us God’s essence. First we need to understand that nothing will bring God's reality closer to our understanding.  God is Ein Sof which is indefinable.

The human mind which is our most important and God-like organ and is where we  communicate with the divine Creator.  God is termed Bal Tachlis because God is not bound in any way shape or form.  Communicating with God is known as the Divine Hanhaga It is how we perceive God's interaction with the universe, which, of course, is contained in the rules and laws of the Torah.

Studying and gaining an understanding of the Hanhaga helps to develop a sense of the Divine will of God from an Earthly prospective. This is the study of Kabbalah.

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