Sunday, August 23, 2015

Talgambuun - Deepwater

Deepwater was established on the land of the Ngarabal people.  (Said Gurrabul)  These amazingly strong people had occupied and carefully cultivated the country around this area for thousands upon thousands of years as was done right across the country.

The Ngarabal name for Deepwater is Talgambuun.  This means "Place of dry country with many dead trees".

IMG 5541 Snow in Deepwater NSW

The land around here holds a lot of sadness and pain.  There was great resistance to the white man taking over the traditional lands of the Ngarabal people and it is recorded that many of the people were murdered. 

Those murders should be prosecuted and those Ngarabal people who were murdered should be recognized as having been slaughtered illegally for trying to protect their land.  A land that was being invaded illegally. 

Today if some one comes to your door and forces their way inside and the law says you can't do anything or you will be prosecuted yourself seems like a ludicrous request, and by today's standards we should be able to easily see how the penny should fall here and how literally wrong it was what has happened.

For those that say get over it.  Those that say this are without heart and without soul for this land in terms of the law.  The land will embrace all of those that keep her laws and walk proud knowing the magic.

IMG 5419 

There should be recognition of the past atrocities under an illegal government, and this government needs to be stood down from office because they are acting illegally.

I look forward to the day this will be finally sorted and my brothers and sisters of this land can determine what happens on this land of Australia.

IMG 5263 

The Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council manages approximately 3000 hectares of land near Strathbogie, NSW including The Willows, and the adjoining property Boorabee, which is owned by Boorabee Aboriginal Corporation, of which all members are Ngarabal people.

I look forward to having a yarn with people around here now I am living back up high where the big boulders lie and the trees have a story to tell.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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