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Politicians, what was in your GVKHANCOCK Coal Drinks?

Community demands Aurizon rule out involvement in Galilee Basin

The Galilee Basin Story so far . . .  GVK Hancock Coal Media releases state there will be 4000 jobs for the area and yet they still say there will be FIFO workers.  Why? 
Is it because they know they are lying and this is how they get around telling the absolute truth on the subject of real employment.
Thermal coal is uneconomic on the current spot price yet they still get approval from the state and federal governments.

June 2011:

Billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart flew Coalition MPs, including the Liberal Party's deputy leader Julie Bishop and Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce, to take part in a sumptuous thre
e day-wedding of a prominent Indian industrialist in Hyderabad.

The Reddy family company, infrastructure behemoth GVK, is seeking a controlling stake in coal mines owned by the Hancock group.

(The Age, 17/6/2011)

November 2013:

The federal government has approved a massive coal mining project in central Queensland that will be the largest in the country.

The environment minister, Greg Hunt, approved the 37,380-hectare Kevin's Corner project on Friday. The mine (will) be operated by a joint India-Australia consortium, GVK-Hancock. 

March 25th 2015   GVKHANCOCKFrom the website:
As part of a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process over several years, GVK Hancock has all Indigenous agreements in place for its mine, rail and port infrastructure.
We value cooperation with all sections of the community and are proud to have reached collaborative agreements with the Indigenous groups which interrelate with our projects including the Wangan & Jagalingou People, Jangga People, Birri People and the Juru People.
Our agreements were negotiated and finalised between 2011 and 2012 and included:
  • Native Title Agreements for each of our Alpha Coal Mine and Kevin’s Corner Coal Mine in accordance with the Commonwealth Native Title Act,
  • Indigenous Land Use Agreements covering our 500 kilometre railway and our coal export terminal at the port of Abbot Point in accordance with the Commonwealth Native Title Act, and
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans over the areas of both mines and our rail and port infrastructure in accordance with the Queensland Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.
We will continue to work cooperatively with all indigenous groups, governments, landholders and the broader community as we continue advancing our projects to a point where construction can commence.

Click here to download "20150326 - Media Statement - GVK Hancock has all Indigenous agreements in place for proposed mine rail and port.pdf"

May 28th 2015 
GVK Hancock has developed a plan to boost regional jobs for around 30+ years in the operational workforce of its planned Galilee Basin mining operations.
The plan to boost regional jobs involves adopting bus-in/bus-out services stretching over 300 kilometres from Emerald to Barcaldine to create sustained, long-term employment throughout the region.
This bus-in/bus-out service will complement the unavoidable need for fly-in/fly-out services, to meet the requirement of more than 4,000 direct jobs at our proposed mines.

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Coal Mine
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