Saturday, August 15, 2015

Once We Were Warriors . . .

To coin a phrase of a movie title... Once were Warriors..... Women once were Warriors, once something else once upon a time a long long time ago.  The next month will pass and we will be as close as it gets to being in an apocryphal tornado.  The signs have been in the sky for a year now.

IMG 6991 Watching how it works

IMG 9847 Downstream KNAGS
Modern Day Warriors
Women were once fierce warrior women - Some women warriors are documented in the written record and as such form part of history (e.g. the Ancient Briton queen Boudica, who led the Iceni into battle against the Romans.  Blenda - Viking Woman Blenda is the heroine of a Swedish legend (Blendasägnen) from Småland. Blenda led the rural women of Värend in an attack on a pillaging Danish army and annihilated the invaders.

However, to be considered a warrior, the woman in question must have belonged to some sort of military, be it recognized, like an organized army, or unrecognized, like revolutionaries.

Female Snipers with 775 kills to speak of.
Today we have an Inana Army in the Knitting Nanna's who have regimented and formed chapters all over the country of Australia and some overseas as well.  Women standing up against the destruction of the environment by corporations and governments

Links to Warrior Women Clips.

Read here to see the women of renown through the ages on all of the continents of the world.
Wikipedia - Warrior Women.

Orange Warrior #2
Ancient Warriors.

My own daughter Matilda is named after the shield maiden of all shield maidens.  This name means "Mighty Battle Maiden, strength in strife".  I named her this name after my own grandmother Matilda Stella Peters (nee Butler) and because she was born in such a circumstance that she had to fight for her very life as did I when she was born.

Matilda at four years old

A little Matilda Sunshine Katherine Baldwin aged four years old, photograph taken on the outdoor table (painted green) at Gleniffer NSW at our house called "Dellwood".
Images @ Eminpee Fotography-Nanas

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