Saturday, August 01, 2015



EARTHQUAKES and aftershocks continued to shake up the Gold Coast area today in SE Queensland.   Four earthquakes in total were registered just off the coast.

Gold Coast

I am sure the people of the Gold Coast will be or should be a bit shaken and they should be preparing because when the big one comes it will cause mass devastation.

 Today's episode started with an earth tremor that measured 2.8, this was around 11.20am and then the big one hit at 1.30pm and this measured 5.7 on the scale.  Nothing to be sneezed at.

GeoScience Australia have said this earthquake was probably about ten times stronger than the other ones which which happened in the same area just last Thursday.

Gold Coast

This wasn't the end of the excitement as another earthquake measuring 5.1 rocked the place just an hour later and this was closely followed by another hefty aftershock measuring  3.0 at around 4.30pm this afternoon.

I wonder how Aunty Kay and my Son and his partner fared during this incident?  I moved up high about four months ago because I was extremely concerned of these occurrences happening near where we were living on the coast near Coffs Harbour at Urunga.  I saw water hitting Dorrigo Mountain in dreams so I know its coming.  Its just a matter of when.

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