Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Excuse me Linc.. We are going to Blow!

Secret documents leaked by government departments to the ABC 7.30 Report reveal a very very serious explosive risk at the Chinchilla UCG plant. (Underground Coal Gasification)

IMG 2271 Chinchilla Weir
The Chinchilla Weir

There was an exclusion placed on 320 kilometers of land surrounding Linc's plant not to dig any deeper than 2 meters.  This is because its all gone very very wrong.  This is because it has become highly unstable.

Hydrogen and Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide have been found by the investigators.

UCG burns subterranean coal seams and converting this to Syngas.  (Hydrogen monoxide)

AIR, AQUIFERS AND SOIL have been contaminated across a huge area by Linc Energy on some prime agricultural land.  This is such a serious incident but it has taken an entire year for the report to be compiled. 

Five CRIMINAL CHARGES are yet to be heard.  Investigators leaked to ABC there are serious risks and the land is ruined due to acidification from toxic contaminants causing huge health and safety risks.  Workers reported deteriorating health and they were constantly ill with headaches, some have left work because they were sick of being sick.

Linc Energy deny everything and they deserve to be put on a Bully Ants Nest ... this is very serious with fines of 5 million dollars and a term in jail.  This should be prosecuted.


Linc Energy Ltd.
Smellie & Co Building
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Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia
GPO Box 1315, Brisbane, QLD, 4001
Ph: +61 7 3229 0800
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Linc Energy Ltd.
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Chinchilla, QLD, 4413, Australia
PO Box 469, Chinchilla, QLD, 4413
Ph: +61 7 4665 4175
Fax: +61 7 4665 418



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