Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Bronwyn Bishop MP Finally Gets the big Flick!

Image for the news resultAnother snout is ousted from the trough it seems.  Why?  Because if she had her nose in the trough then there was left for the more skilled of the trough slurps. 

For a total of three weeks this rubbish about Bronwyn Bishop's travel entitlements and how she scammed the general public by using tax payer funded jaunts and claiming this as business.  This has monopolized newspapers and the media alike across the board.  One would think this was done to cover something more sinister going on in the ranks.  This is how they operate.  Usually by creating a fire somewhere else so the attention is diverted.   This could be one of those diversions. 

What gives this more weight as a diversion is the Adam Goodes issue which is also taking up equal amount of media space.  There are two average types here in Australia and that is footy heads and nurds.  Thankfully I am neither, but given this is the average landscape, then there are two very good diversions being waged simultaneously if this were the case.

If you understand my writing, then you will know I genuinely think this is the case.

It is a sickening game politics and instances like this only serve to tell me why I despise the behaviour of those that think they are a cut above the rest because they are a politician.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced the resignation of his Speaker,  Bronwyn Bishop
from the House and her position as Speaker.  It is strongly rumored that Phil  Ruddock will be the next speaker.  Some corners say that it should be another woman who takes the position.

Tony Abbot has announced a review of the entitlements scheme.  His should be reviewed first and foremost.  The man is not living in a real world.  His entitlements are well overused as he manages to slot in his favorite sporting events to his so called business at hand.  How convenient.

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