Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whoa, Mick Fanning's Shark attack caught on Film?

I was unable to take my eyes off what I was seeing.   What I was seeing in my news feed was a miracle that the surfer lived to tell the tale.  

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Mick Fanning  who hails from Australia is the current world surfing champion and as he prepped to catch his first wave for the final series, all of a sudden here is the world champion being dragged off of his board by a gigantic shark while he desperately struggled to stay with his board.  The a wave rose up and he disappeared from sight.  Those few seconds he was missing seemed like minutes.  Then his head appeared and so did the clean up team who hauled him onto the jet ski. 

Mick Fanning's mother watched the entire incident live on her television in her lounge room.  This must have been a great shock for her to see her son like this. She said she was terrified when she was interviewed. 

The speed of the clean up team on their jet skis was like lightening as well.  Everyone is talking about this miraculousness and every one I have spoken to is as speechless as I am.

Fanning when interviewed after his close encounter with the giant said he was unsure whether he would ever enter the water again or ever compete in another surf competition again.  Other surfing mates think this will change and that they felt Mick was in a state of shock and that he will change his mind.

Personally, I think that is a wise choice Mick.  It is not our domain no matter how we see the ocean. When you get a wake up call like that was, its a game changer for sure.

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We came out of the ocean a very long time ago... its not our world now

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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