Sunday, June 07, 2015

What the hell is Abbott up to?

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I have said this over and over again -
"How the hell did this fool ever get this far let alone be Prime Minister?"
He has  creeped me out since the 1990's and those icky times I read reports in the media of  his wife swapping experimentation.  Yes he is hardly Leader material is he?  He say's stupid things, nothing seems to make sense that he speaks about on camera and he continually lies about everything and is making fun of our indigenous people of this land - he is disgusting. One watches him now only to see what crap is going to come out of his mouth next... So we can laugh!

I was reading through the news articles in my feed and I happened across and article title the Canberra Challenge... from the Australian Independent Media. 

The author covered all the points beautifully, I don't think one was missed.  It is definitely worth a read to the end.  For the Link to this go here:

The Canberra Challenge - AIM

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