Thursday, June 11, 2015

A win for the Buninj

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Thorny Pea

Uncle Mickey Ryan and his sister Aunty Marie set up a protection camp on the North Lismore Plateau in an attempt to draw the attention to the issue with the Lismore Council and their secret plans.  The Lismore council had been found out in their swindling operation and it was going to court.  Finally its been settled and its a win for the old Echidna in North Lismore.

They deliberately did this misappropriation of facts so as to sell off land on the plateau as house sites.  The council spoke of affordable house sites..  I pointed out to the Elders while I was there not to feel bad because they were being played by the council and their emotions being hankered by the "Affordable House Sites" con.  I had gone for a walk and all I could see was high fabulous house sites for the so called rich and famous of the Lismore area.

I personally asked Uncle Mickey to keep this in mind when he was feeling like the job was too big at any time and to be spurred on by the knowledge that what he was doing was correct.  Recently we went to Nimbin for the Save the Buninj concert and that was to raise more funds for the costs of engaging a decent legal representative that acted on behalf of the sacred mountain.

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