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"Vitruvian Man"

The Divinity in Mankind

Fully Decoded by Dee Smith


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The words of Vitruvius - Illustrated by Leonardo Da Vinci 1490.

The truth is not arbitrary.


So who is Vitruvian Man and what does he really represent?  This is the question that has been asked by many a true seeker since Leonardo Da Vinci created this work in 1490.  The diagram was never officially titled but was often called the proportions of Man or the Canon of Proportions and can now be found at the "Gallerie dell' Accademia in Venice Italy stored as catalogue 228.

The diagram was based on the measurements given by the great ancient Roman Architect Vitruvius.  Many consider Vitruvius to be the "First Architect" of modern man hence how this diagram became known as Vitruvian Man.

Vitruvius himself however states that he sources much of his work from much earlier material so it would be more accurate to view him as relaying ancient knowledge of proportions of man in nature and God.  Not only man in the microcosm but the macrocosm of cosmic man known in Kabbalah as the Macrosopus or (God as he is in himself).

The Cosmic Man or Macrosopus then seeded onto the physical plane as a Divine reflection of himself in the microcosm manifest into the material world.

It is from this first Divine fragmented imprint of the cosmic man upon our earthly foundation that all mankind springs forth to flourish and expand as divine creations being experienced by the creator.

However before we jump ahead we must start at the very beginning and just as we do with books and words we start at the beginning with the language of symbolism too.
So let us uncover what is hidden beneath the surface of this diagram for those with eyes willing to see and look deeper into the language of the symbolism.

At our first glance of this diagram we can see a man shown at front with his arms outstretched as each part of his body is touching all four sides of the square and circle encompasses this square and touching it at the bottom.

Directly behind the man we see another figure with arms and legs outstretched in a diagonal position - this is another figure of a man we are told? .... But are we so sure of this?

It seems what many who look at this diagram fail to see is there is more hidden information waiting to be discovered about the figures in this diagram.  For if we look closer we can see clues in the symbolism that Leonardo Di Vinci was not just depicting first man but his mirrored counterpart also First Woman.

This is symbolically shown in the text on the diagram which is written in mirrored form, he was symbollically relaying here and also the mental and physical aspects of divine intelligence are mirrored in each individual gender.

The first clue in the diagram can be found in her rounded hip for as we know it is the Female that has rounded hips not the Male.   But still we are given more clues when we zoom in closer to look at the details on the face.  We see there are two different sides to this face.

On the left we see the Male is represented, his eye is light symbolic of his connection to the sun and matter, and his neck is also very masculine. Then we see the Female with her softer features and darker eyes symbolic of the moon and Aether.  Her neck is also more refined and less masculine.

The female is positioned behind the Male.  This is because he represents the first begotten Son of the Father, the first "Mental" fragment of the Divine intelligence manifest  from the Zero (0) that which contains nothing but also contains the WHOLE.

From this first mental reflection manifest into the material as his Divine Man and his first Female twin is then created and then subsequently the other fragments of the Divine Cosmic Man are brought into form as the 8 Messiahs and 88 Divine Beings.

However after his first emanation of Mankind is created in the material it is then the Female that brings God down into the physical plane birthing the Divinity of all mankind through her womb.

This is why we see the Vesica Pisces repeatedly shown in Christian Mythology.  Within the Divine mind both Male and Female exist however it is the Female creation forces and influences needed for all life to procreate.

We can see the microcosm of these creation forces also within the Sun and the Moon, and so it is such with our Great Cosmic Father and Mother - this is also represented in this circle on the diagram and also why symbolically why the Female is placed behind the Male symbolising this birthing creation force that allows him to manifest materially.

So from the first fragment of Divine intelligence seeded onto foundation springs forth all other Divine fragments which we will find represented in Vitruvian Man.

So it is first man we see symbolically represented here just as we see Jesus on the cross in Christian Mythology symbolizing the first emanation of the Divine Mind (KETHER) from which all else is manifest.

So it seems that this Divine creation has a measurement in Nature and Man and it was relayed by Vitruvius to be distributed in this manner.
A palm is four fingers
A foot is four palms
A cubit is SIX PALMS
Four cubits make a man
A pace is FOUR Cubits
A man is 24 Palms

The FOUR fingers of the Palm representing the FOUR Messiahs shown as "Whole" just as they are shown with in the YIN / YANG.  However God has two palms so within the layered fractals of  this symbolism we can also find the "8" which represents the eight Messiahs individually and the two thumbs represent God in both aspects of Gender.

On the diagram the "4" transitioning to an "8" is symbolized by where she places her hands at the corners.  For a square is both 4 and 8 if we count the sides and points.  This shows the Messiahs can be represented as whole also known as tribes or as individual.

This was also relayed by Leonardo underneath the diagram for below the drawing itself  is a single line equal to the side of a square and divided into four cubits , of which the outer two are divided into six palms each, two of which have the mirrored text  notation "PALMI"; the outermost two palms are divided into four fingers each and are each denoted "DITI"

These 8 seeds of Divinity are also represented within the sacred geometry of this Rosicrucian Cross.  This is also depicting the Four Races  by the four creatures - Eagle Man Bull and Lion.

The Eagle represents the White Race, Kether and the Tribe of Dan

Man represents the Red Race, Malkuth and the Tribe of Reuben

Lion represents the Black race, Chokmar and the Tribe of Judah

Bull represents the  Yellow race, Binah and the Tribe of Ephraim.

For each of the creatures are symbolic for not only the Messiahs but each RACE they represent within their Divinity.

Vitruvius continues on that a foot has four palms, and we now understand that a palm has four fingers we can now calculate that a foot equates to 16 Fingers - so now we have the other Divine ones that make up each race accounted 8 + 16 = 24.

Then he states that a cubit is 6 Palms, again we can equate 6 Palms to 24 Fingers and now we have the Cubit equating to ONE RACE of 24 Divine Beings. 
Lastly he states that it is Four Cubits that make a man,  a PACE is FOUR CUBITS and a MAN is 24 Palms.

However this man he has just measured out is the cosmic man or "MACROSOPHOS" mirrored onto the pysical plane as 96 Divine Fragments across ALL races and dispersed to the FOUR corners of our Earth.

What we have decoded from the words of Vitruvius and this diagram by Leonardo Di Vinci is the true Greatness that lies within all Mankind.... and just as the seasons and the Sun's Light recedes into the darker days of Winter so does that Divine Spark and memory of Divinity we carry within each of us.  Memories of those long past days of Summer are stirring within us again.
"Men are admitted into heaven not because they have curbed and governed their passions or have no passions,  but because  they have cultivated their understandings. The treasures of Heaven are not negations  of passion but realities of intellect from which All the passions emanate uncurbed in their Eternal Glory".   ~William Blake~
Time To Ignite.

of our Divinity decoded in Vitruvian Man.



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