Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Protocols on Country .... are they ancient or a business proposition!

This question has come up to me a few times and its a funny subject and while I have no qualms about participating in Welcome to Country or Acknowledging Country protocols it is interesting to examine this practice a little more closely given the light of things that communities are facing out west and in many states of Australia with the closure of their communities.

Are those who do these ceremonies about of the Recognise Movement.  If they are then it is highly likely it is a custom to ask for that much money and for this to  occur like this as a ASIC venture way back.  I think that there needs to be a better story regarding this and I would like to know what a tradidional welcome was like as apposed to this sort of white man invention to make it look good if that is all it is.

The ball is clearly a line ball here as both sides have fair arguments for how it is.  To read more about this go to Wiki and read about how Ernie Dingo says it is made up and then read the other arguments for and against and about the pricing of this ceremony.   :LINK:

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