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HERMES TRISMEGISTUS .... Mercurius ter Maximus

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The Vision of Hermes

It chanced once on a time, while I was meditating on the things that are, my thought was raised to a great height, yet my bodily senses had been put under restraint as in sleep, though not such sleep as that of men weighed down by fullness of food or bodily weariness.

Methought a Being more than vast, in size beyond all bounds, called out my name and said: "What would you hear and see, and what have you in mind to learn and know?" "Who are you?" said I. "I am the Pymander, Divine Mind of the Sovereignity, the Shepherd of Men. I know what you desire, and I am with you everywhere." "I long to learn the things that are, " I replied, "and comprehend their nature, and know God. This is what I desire to hear." "Hold in your mind all you would know," the Shepherd answered back to me, "and I will teach you."

The Pomanders
Manly Palmer Hall was such a wonderful student of the Hermetica ..
 a faithful servant to the alter of truth.

Hermes Trismegistus (Greek: Ἑρμῆς ὁ Τρισμέγιστος,
"thrice-great Hermes"; Latin: Mercurius ter Maximus) is the
representation of the syncretic combination of the Greek god
Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.

In ancient Hellenistic Egypt,
The Greeks comprehended the similarity of their god Hermes
to the Egyptian god Thoth and so it came to pass that these 'two' gods
were worshiped as one in what had been the Temple of Thoth
in Khem (Egypt), which the Greeks called Hermopolis.
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