Monday, April 13, 2015

Governments wants you to nominate your land for toxic waste!

Some of the hairbrained schemes of government have been beauties in the past but this latest one takes the cake for brainless ideas.  This idea of people nominating their land for payment to have toxic waste buried on their land.  This is crazy madness by a government in trouble.

 IMG 9844 Gloucester area
Are you a title holder of approximately 100 hectares of land? Have you considered nominating your land to the Australian Government for a facility to manage Australia’s radioactive waste?
A generous payment will be offered to the landholder of the successful site identified. The Australian Government will also work with the local community to develop a package of benefits for that community. The opportunity to nominate land is open until 5 May 2015 with a view to selecting a preferred site by mid-2016.
Source to read more about this lunacy go here: Australian Government Industry and Science

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