Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why are they killing the oldest culture that has continued on Earth?

Australian cultural law predates any law that we know of on Earth at the present moment and these people lived in absolute harmony with the land and her animals and fish and the trees and plants and all that the Earth produced was used and given thanks for by the observances of totem lore and marrying up clan law.

IMG 9929 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Right now in this country of Australia, we are experiencing an absolute nightmare with trying to protect what there is left of culture.  The absolute magic of the real stories which this Abbott Federal Government is ransacking

There is truth to be read in Duane Hamacher's article about Meteorites and the incidence of these events still found in the dreaming culture today.These stories tell of these past cataclysmic events and these spiritually  explained stories are still being told today.  How can this continue to be passed on while a culture is under the trauma and attack its under by being forced from their land once again by corrupt greedy governments.

The denying of funding to the states for simple necessary things they made us all depend on them for.  The cultural people of this land do not need all of this stuff but they are cut off from their traditional lands and water holes to care-take by mining. So much actual wealth has been dug out of the ground of these people being dispossessed it is obscene.  There quibbling about money seems so absolute nonsense in the end looking at things realistically speaking.  If the WA government are not taxing the Miners enough to be able to take care of the people they stealing the very wealth from then its grim.

Then they argue about the document and where it originated from in Federal Government as is the case with the framework set down for the ridiculous closures.

Indigenous Community Document Flawed

Meanwhile the miners are just mining away and people are largely watching out for the indigenous as they should but mark my words because those miners would be loving the squabble because they love to see what their power can achieve and this is very visible in all communities throughout Australia as townships rallied in support of the #WA150 and the closing of communities and the forcing of people to live in non traditional areas again and in places where there is already trouble identified.  It does not seem like rocket science that this is doomed to fail.   How many lives will be ruined into the bargain.   They clearly do not care.

IMG 9920 Uluru Dreaming 2012

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