Saturday, March 21, 2015

Don't trust Adani with the Great Barrier Reef

I ask the question, how could you trust Adani with the Great Barrier Reef?

Queensland was where I was born and the place is not worth a cracker now by comparison.

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 If you care for the happiness of your future generations don't allow industrialists like Adani to start their projects around you. 

 Adani are an Indian mining company that want to build Australia's biggest coal port on the Great Barrier Reef coastline.
This is absolute treasonous behaviour by our governments to allow this to even get on the drawing board.  We are being governed by psychopaths it appears.
The port expansion will require massive dredging and dumping in the World Heritage Area, and poses a grave risk to an already vulnerable ecosystem.

When Adani built a coal port and power plant in Mundra, India, it destroyed the environment that had sustained local fishing and farming businesses for generations. Those villagers are now bravely speaking out against Adani, and they send a warning to Australia - don't trust Adani.

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