Monday, March 23, 2015

ADANI Telling Custodians they dont have a say!

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Now I am guessing people will be able to see why a number of us said to do business with Adani from India is a nightmare waiting to just happen. 

I hope the United Nations steps in and has the actual balls to uphold its own law and make Australia's present government responsible for not standing by these people where the mining of cultural land goes because the brakes were already put on this in the past and all the "I'M SORRY'S" and the "CLOSE THE GAP" rubbish and inclusion in the constitution is all corrupt lies, trickery at large. 

After all who would think a government would be capable of such audacity?  That is what they are banking on here.  Stealth.

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Indigenous challenge to Carmichael megamine in Galilee Basin

 The Guardian ran a story on the Indian firm Adani has appealed to the native title tribunal to bypass the traditional owners’ rejection of the Queensland mine

"Aboriginal group fights to stop $16bn Carmichael coalmine, Australia’s largest!"

ADANI has said that those of the tribunal holding up the ADANI MINE plans are not authorized to speak on behalf of Wangan & Jagalingou people!!

Since when does INDIA tell the ORIGINAL PEOPLE of this land they have no jurisdiction to speak on their own land

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