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Cannibus .. not Marijuana or Hemp

The Botanical name is Cannabis and the plant as medicine should be referred to as this.

The USA are legalizing Cannabis in 23 US states as well as Washington DC.   The DEA still call it Marijuana though. Slow to catch up perhaps.

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A uniform accepted terminology where medical use is concerned would be helpful.     I would like to see it referred to by its botanical name of Cannabis.  In ancient times the name was given with purpose and we should not be changing this now.   Read more on Cannabis at Wiki

The name Marijuana is two Sanskrit words .. first one refers to Virgin Water or Light and the second is a state of bliss and nirvana. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this.  However, we speak English and the achieve a full understanding of the plant, the correct terminology should be applied. Some of this plants benefits are hinted in the very name Cannabis.   Those other words originated in India and Syria.

Hemp News have a story on this bloke: HERE

This chap who the article is written about is a drug and alcohol Councillor and in my opinion he is fitting to his name - Joe Schrank.  I think he has shrunken head ideas about life in recovery.  I am a qualified councillor and have had years helping with De-Tox units at hospitals for addicts looking for recovery.

 He isn't looking at the medical use at all.  He is only concerned with people who are growers who have a 'recession proof' industry as he calls it.  In other words he is about the economic benefits and we all know which side of the fence he is on. 

The man is a respected drug Councillor and people build him up as a genius.  This made me feel ill.  Why?  Because he is far from balanced and he is far from knowing how it works.   He openly makes fun of the people in recovery on social media.  That type of archetypal make up required enabling him do this is 'schrunk schmuck behavior",  It invariably helps no one.   So it's a red herring and its a pointless action.  Who is he?  I am very curious.

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Is he controlled opposition from down in the lower ranks?   Who knows?   Has he been given a job and told to bring it in the best way he can?  Who knows? 

The man must have been a shocking addict.  I would like to hear stories of his addiction.  People in positions such as his should always keep in the forefront of our minds that "Its not what we go through - it is how we handle what we go through that makes all the difference".  Right now - this is not handling it well.

Schrank is acting he is a cut above now he has 18 years clean time up his sleeve.  He talks about recovery as a dry drunk does and that is not recovered in my book.  He still refers to his life regarding the missing alcohol in this manner.  I am the same as he is, I come down a long road also and I think his take on this is pathetic.  It makes those trying to get to the other side feel its just too far away.

He is concerned about the economic monopoly the alcohol industry has had on getting people whacked.  So he wants a whack tax applied to Marijuana. He says its overdue and governments all over need to make the substance legal, tax it and to let people make their own choices.

Now, I could look at this article two ways.  Firstly, it appears sensible and of course the alcohol industry has had the monopoly, there is no denying this fact.  However he is moving straight into the government legislative policy and thinks its great if Government are in control.

No government stops by and asks me how my other herbs are going.  So why do they need to control this as well.  Some of my other herbs could contain some fairly hectic psychoactive substances in these as well.  

This legalization wording is tricky.  My point is that we will not be able to grow medicine from seed or cutting a medicinal plant that resonates to us on a personal level.  We will, if its is legalized in Australia be smoking or eating vegetable matter handled by people who I do not know and who I feel have zero idea of life and I do not know the state of their mind. I don't think that is ideal.

The energy that passes through people is changed as it passes through.  It leaves a mark, although with our eyes we don't see this,  but we could accept with out a word of doubt that it has caused changes.  People who are sick should not cook and people who are not whole in the mind should not touch substances used for medicine leaving the door open for those effects to flow on to others.

It is well known that this is the magic ingredient.  I like to refer to this as the magic of love.  Love changes the constitution of everything.

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Seedless Sinsemilla plant
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Schrank points out that alcohol has had a monopoly on legal intoxication for generations, so it's wrong to not let individuals make their own choice. - See more at:
Schrank points out that alcohol has had a monopoly on legal intoxication for generations, so it's wrong to not let individuals make their own choice. - See more at:

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