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TETRARCH ... A Ruler of a quarter.

English: Hellenic Flag of Anthimos Gazis used ...
English: Hellenic Flag of Anthimos Gazis used during the Greek War of Independence (Thessalia 1821) Greek: Σχεδίασμα σημαίας που ύψωσε ο Άνθιμος Γαζής στη Θετταλομαγνησία το 1821. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Greco-Roman antiquity, the ruler of a principality, originally the ruler of one-quarter of a region or province was known as a tetrach.

The first tetrarchs ruled the four tetrarchies of Thessaly under Philip II of Macedonia.

Ancient Thessaly or Thessalia 
(Greek: Αρχαία Θεσσαλία, Thessalian: Πετθαλία, Petthalia) 

It was one of the traditional regions of Ancient Greece

During the Mycenaean period, Thessaly was known as Aeolia, a name that continued to be used for one of the major tribes of Greece, the Aeolians, and their dialect of Greek, Aeolic.

Middle English tetrarche, a Roman tetrarch, from Old French, from Late Latin tetrarcha, from Latin tetrarchēs, from Greek tetrarkhēs : tetra-, tetra- + -arkhēs, -arch.

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