Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fred Nile's stirs the pot over Lindt Cafe Hostages.

English: Photograph of Fred Nile, New South Wa...
English: Photograph of Fred Nile, New South Wales politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RUNNING out of a hostage situation does not warrant a bravery award.. who did they save lol besides themselves.. I know I have saved my own skin from certain death a few times over a life time minus a bravery award.

The CORE ISSUE is being BLOWN out of proportion by "GET UP", which is controlled opposition from the Labor Party and all of that would be on purpose as well in my opinion.
So on the issue at hand  - I think Fred is right.   Because usually you do something that is BRAVE  (ie) like laying down your life for another etc.

Fred Nile also added in the interview you can listen to above that he did feel  the two who supposedly died do deserve awards posthumously etc..  I agree, they supposedly laid down their lives as such.

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The tough part for me is that I don't even feel this was a real attack. I am still saying there is too much evidence it was a false flag attack staged by crisis actors along the way.

Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were shot they say.  They also say the others ran out and got free of the hostage situation. Someone is getting it a bit confused with their details or this is just more purposeful confusion on the parts of the government to throw up a talking point [red herring] to take the focus off the original event.   Well, you have to admit its a fair bit transparent due to the facts we the people were given to swallow and not question.

Lindt Cafe Scene

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