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Zoroastrianism and Mithaism

The verbal root yaz- "to worship, to honor, to venerate". ie the "YAZIDI KURDS". Do the Yazidi Kurds still worship the Mithra or were they Zoroastrian.

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1. ZOROASTRIANISM /ˌzɒroʊˈæstriənɪzəm/, also called Zarathustraism, Mazdaism and Magianism, is an ancient monotheistic Iranian religion and a religious philosophy. It was once the state religion of the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian empires. Estimates of the current number of

Zoroastrians worldwide vary between approximately 145,000 circa 2000 and 2.6 million in more recent estimates. The change over the last decade is attributed to a greater level of reporting and open self-identification more so than to an actual increase in population; however, precise numbers remain difficult to obtain in part due to high levels of historic persecution in Middle Eastern regions.

Zoroastrianism arose in the eastern region of the ancient Persian Empire, when the religious philosopher Zoroaster simplified the pantheon of early Iranian gods[2] into two opposing forces: Spenta Mainyu ("progressive mentality") and Angra Mainyu ("destructive mentality") under the one God, Ahura Mazda ("Illuminating Wisdom").

Zoroaster's ideas led to a formal religion bearing his name by about the 6th century BCE and have influenced other later religions including Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity and Islam

2. The MITHRA is the faith or way the ROME venerated before converting to this lewd failed form of Christendom (false polluted form of Christian faith) they still worship today.

The Roman Empire were very good at illusion and creating the story along with the pomp and pageantry to make it look right royal and all the while it stunk to high heaven. For example, the corruption and thievery the entire RELIGION is built on. Its not good.. not at all.

Then to carry out their plans throughout history they continually had around them the brightest scholars and people at their disposal to write history how ever they chose to record it I suppose.
They did everything else with deceit - why would this be any different today? If someone could tell me why it would, I would listen?

This same false CHRISTENDOM had to be pushed out to the infidels... That is where that word was used first - by the Roman Church ... They built universities to propagate their lies to the world. They dressed it up with a bit more pomp and pageantry to give the illusion 'one' was entering a hallowed place of learning and contemplation.

 All UNIVERSITIES [like these] are instruments of this same system. And its a joke to think you can win by joining it - You SIMPLY CAN NOT WIN. Poor Jesus .. lol if he come back today would say WHO ARE YOU? I NEVER KNEW YOU!

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