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Charlie Hedbo ... Nothing is as it seems, Nothing!

The Roman thieves move closer and grow more daring with their efforts to carry out the plans that fool everyone into a  false sense of reality.  They have created a  way that everyone across the world is calling Je suis Charlie.. which is just like saying Jesuit Charlie over and over.

As Dee says in her video below and now the world is calling this out aloud, spiritually speaking this is a freakshow, its not real.

So this game will play out quite deadly as it progresses.  For some of us we have prepared ourselves for this time and although it will be awful we will not go down silent.  People will be caught completely off guard  still in general, they laughed, they could not work it out. Now the tide of this is pouring over the bank quickly and the darkness is all prevailing now.

Awareness levels appear to be rising  that there is a high likelihood this was a 'planned move'  from everything I have gleaned from various reports.   There seems  no other resolution other than to call it, "Bullshit", a world hoax, a contrived game played out to convince the worlds people we are in serious deep trouble, we are, but not the way they are telling it.

These people are not our friends.  Protesting this in the streets is playing into the hands of the controlled opposition.

FIVE were either Freemasons or were sons of Freemasons.  They some how think its ok to be hateful to all religious groups except their own.  So its a new wave of secrecy and illusion.

I am steering my ship in the right direction by moving away from all those who know me and who are going to impede me from the journey I am on.  I do not need the acceptance of people.  My latest is all of this country is great - how could anyone think I would think otherwise.


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Subscribe Charlie Hebdo: the Grand Orient Freemasons welcomes writers
in Christianophobia, Society / by Pierre-Alain Depauw / on January 11, 2015 at 19 h 18 min.
In the "
Grand Orient of extranet Newsletter of France" dated January 9, Daniel Keller, "great master" GODF, pays tribute to the editors of Charlie Hebdo belonging to Freemasonry.
But of course,
these relationships editors of Charlie Hebdo with Freemasonry probably had nothing to do with their taste for blasphemy and sacrilege ...

Circular of the Grand Master of the GODF January 8, 2015
 V. '. Mr '. My T.'. C. '. S. '., I T'. C. '. F '.,

The Grand Orient of France was present yesterday evening in the Republic Square to share the emotion of thousands of anonymous came to express their support for the silent struggle of Charlie Hebdo.

were not Charlie readers but all were aware that Charlie is one of the standard bearers of democracy to which we are attached and for which Charlie journalists fought every day without ever escape the risks that for that they had agreed to incur. Yes, they were all resistant to a faceless war on terror claims to impose abject and cowardly.

In these circumstances, I would first like to emphasize the powerful outpouring of compassion expressed by members of our Obedience of all backgrounds who have expressed excitement but also their willingness to mobilize so that we, the living, be worthy of those who were the victims of this blind barbarism.

I would also like in those moments a thought for our Obedience Lodges which have been cruelly bereaved, namely the Lodge Lux Perpetua W. '. Clermont-Ferrand with the death of our brother Michel Renaud, the Lodge at Roger Leray O. '. of Paris IV with the death of our brother Bernard Maris. I will convey to each of them and the families of our fallen brothers expressing the sympathy of the entire Council of the Order in these painful moments.

Our compassion is also for the parent Tignous, a member of the Lodge at Aletheia O. '. of Paris I, Brother of the Lodge Harmony Evolution W. '. Cholet whose son was injured and the widow Wolinski is a member of GLFF

Finally, on behalf of GODF, I extend my deepest condolences to the families of police officers killed in the performance of their duties.

     In these particularly dramatic moments, the Grand Orient of France has decided, beyond compassion testimonies, engage in accordance with the principles that are his in many ways.

     1. The Big East will participate in a spirit of unity Masonic alongside all liberal and adogmatic Obediences, cords, to the Republican event taking place Sunday. The place and time of the meeting will be provided as it becomes available.
     2. The Bar Council invites the brothers and sisters of the Obedience to take part in a special outfit Monday, January 12th at 19h at Arthur Groussier temple to federate the thinking that must be ours on the values that we must promote in the light of the tragedy that has befallen our country.
    3. The Foundation will appeal initially to donors who wish to show their solidarity with Charlie Hebdo to ensure the financial sustainability of the newspaper. The Foundation will of course listen to any other initiative that the newspaper could take in this direction.
    4. In addition to these actions of immediate support, it is essential that the commitment of GODF against all fanaticism, dogmatism, fundamentalism and communal ism is more than ever at the heart of our work and our actions externalizing.
To say that
the barbarism will not pass is not enough, we must also unite a broad citizen movement to assert and defend on the ground republican principles, democratic and secular, unshakable foundations of our society. As such, the events devoted to debunking the Anti-Masonry will be throughout the year as a messenger. Citizens they are supposed to promote dialogue takes in the current circumstances enhanced sharpness.
   5. Finally, it is suggested in the extension of the national day of mourning that day that Loges open their future work with a minute of silence.  

     I pray dear V. '. Mr '. My T.'. C. '. S. '., I T'. C. '. F. '., To accept the expression of my most fraternal feelings

     Daniel KELLER
     Grand Master, Chairman of the Bar Council
 This letter translated above shows the Freemason connection to Charlie Hedbo.  There have been several false flags over the past two years including in Australia at the Lindt Cafe.  The puzzle pieces are scattered but with some insight it becomes easier and easier to see.

Freemasonary is absolutely connected to the Roman Church Hierarchy.  These are the people who are the 'families' who are ruling families from forever who are still ruling the world from behind the curtain and are the very same ones who are about bringing about a one world government.   This is a special time in the history of the universe/s life if you want to look at it like that.  The Aether is coming back in and the light is changing as it always does but now the tide is coming back in over us all and some will be washed out to sea if they don't grasp this very quickly.  Now, like never before,  humanity is waking up like we have never woken up before.  

It seems that way, but in fact the planet has been at this point before and it will be here again but the scale of time we are talking about escapes peoples thinking because they cannot see it as a cosmic day and night or a cosmic tide or a cosmic sleep / waking period, this is why its hard for them.

It is only through reasoned and well argued analysis that alternative theories can hope to gain ground in the mainstream consciousness.

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