Monday, January 05, 2015

Brians Videos and Johns court case.

BRIAN MONK is standing up the only way left really and speaking out for his mate John Jenkyn as well because to a large degree there seems to be a lack in organisation of who gets help and where.
Lock the Gate Page

"If you can't be there to support alarm bell & whistleblower John Jenkyn as he defends himself in court against ridiculous charges at 9am on Wednesday 7th Jan 2015 at Chinchilla Court House then please consider donating to help him get representation. He faces serious charges and cannot walk into the court room unrepresented."
Direct Deposit: G Newson BSB 633-000 Account 151465689
I think that is the crux of the problem here at hand.  In an organisation as big now as LTG have become one would think that there is a data base kept on upcoming court actions,  afterall this is where this fight was to be fought I thought,  at least this is what I was told at Glenugie.

It seems people have now rallied and one lady has made a delightful meme to detail out the issue at hand with John Jenkyn facing court on Wednesday in Chinchilla.

Brian resorted to posting all of the following videos with a plea to share them to as far as they will go. So all I can do is blog it and hope that others read this and take some notice of the real truth.
"Was going to bail from F.B. but think this is a far better idea, these videos are the truth, I suggest you share them around and try to wake up your regions. The pipe to nowhere clearly shows how easy it is to stop the gas industry, yet people ignore its simplicity. Fee simple title, no signature, no gas wells."  Brian Monk..
Unconventional Gas - The Lows of the High Point

Origin Energy Poisoning Australia - Fresh everyday.

The Pipe To Nowhere - CSG

 The Radioactive Truth About CSG - Part 1.5

Unconventional Gas / Coal Seam Gas - Collateral Damage.

Slum Burger and Friends - Another Unconventional Gas Story

The Road To Nowhere Leads To Unconventional Gas / CSG

The Radioactive Truth about CSG - Part 1

British Gas dumping toxic water on Australian soil - Impacts of Coal Seam Gas

HISTORY lesson for today is " WHEN IT CHANGED IN QUEENSLAND" and who were really behind this push for the minerals on the farming land... READ here on the link provided...…/han…/1989/1989_09_07.pdf…

Government changes...

Brian Monk's original post where he details his abject frustration as what appears to be the reality of the situation from the point where he stands.
"Injustice. Today I went to a meeting and talked with so many feeling the impact of csg. For me it is heartbreaking watching people beginning to see how much their government has betrayed them. I have a feeling of helplessness and I realise the csg cancer takes all in its path. So we mount another local resistance and begin to plan strategies. It brings home to me how Australians have betrayed us. Not the gas companies, but Australians. And nothing days that more than to speak to John Jenkyn and realise he faces court with no support on Wednesday. When we can't even be bothered supporting those who go out of their way to try to get the truth out you realise how poor our organisations are. Who was out this week getting photos for us all to share around, probably only the two Johns and this is how we repay one of them. I hope the other doesn't read this because if he stops who's photos then. This is a bad world out here people, some days our fkd up organisation gets to me.  Brian Monk

IMG 2331  Annette and Brian Monk at Cameby Hall
Brian with Gordan and Annette at Caimby Hall
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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