Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bellingen Shire Protestors say No! to "Forestry Spray"

The Bellingen Shire in Northern NSW is at the moment counting its blessings for the continual days of rain of late.  That rain is the only variant that has kept NSW Forestry Corporation's aerial spraying program from being carried out last week.

There are laws about wind speed and about rain that prevent them from being able to take to the air and distribute this poison indiscriminately over Brierfield area firstly.  This of course floats down over everyone and everything. 

Aerial Spraying now in this century is akin to agent orange spraying of the Vietmanese forests by the USA in the sense of the in-discrimination regarding flora and fauna, everything is effected. 

The Chemical cocktail consists of  Glyphosate (Round-up), Metsulfuron Methyl (Brush off), Fluroxypr Methylheptyl (Starene Advanced), and Simazine plus adjuvants Liase and Pulse as stated in a letter dated the 12 January 2015 . Testing of these chemicals is done on an individual basis and to date there has been no testing done on using this as a cocktail.  To go ahead and use this in such a delicate natural area is definitely a psychopathic decision.
I would seriously hope there are no chemicals in this spray that are akin to that horrendous Monsanto / Dow chemical cocktail used in Vietnam.
A large concerned group of people from in and around the shire quickly formed to plan action.  There is a facebook page and a website in construction. I do hope a twitter feed as well.

From: STOP Forestry Aerial Spraying
 One of our main aims right now is protecting Bellingen's waterways and catchments from contamination from spray drift and run off. The contamination from forestry corporations 'chemical cocktails' will impact heavily on our residents, local farmers and businesses.
A contaminated river and waterway affects everything from enjoying a swim in the river, to farming irrigation, the health of our livestock, to our oyster farmers and of course all the inhabitants of the river itself.

Our tourism industry will take a big blow as it won't be safe to swim or enjoy our rivers which are a big part of our Tourism attraction here... The potential damage from this could be far reaching for a long time to come.

Our local council is responsible for regulating our waterways and ensuring that their safe for us to use.  Susan Weil
Hundreds of people approx 500 turned out to protest Aerial Spraying in the Valley.

We already take a large blow here in the Valley with the poisonous use of Round-Up along sides of roads and at any amenities areas located at swimming holes and added to that the personal use of round up by residents in the shire to boot.

I feel this is a violent method of ridding a place of something they feel is a weed.  They clear felled forests and this causes a bare soil.  Birds distribute species and wind blows and before long that bare soil has weeds.  But its not the birds and the frogs fault this has happened.  It is the Line Logging of forests which prop up a dying industry,  but for who?

The forest is a delicate place.  By now lots of birds have made habitat in that lantana and have felt safe there from predators and with the spraying of this this temporary habitat they have grown to love will immediately disappear leaving them vulnerable.

Poisoning is cruel and violent.  It is violent to the plants and the flow on effects of displacement of the creatures because of this is abhorrent.

Corporations are evil.  Forestry is not about looking after State Forests or even about trees.  Forestry Corporation NSW are about trying to wring a profit from trees at the expense of everyone and everything else. 

This kind of approach borders on psychopathic, and it is in line with every other equally psychopathic decision this NSW Government has made lately, some decisions have been hand in hand with the equally psychopathic 'Abbott'  Federal Government.

NBN News came ... mumbled something on the news about a lousy 150 people turning up and that made me laugh and not trust them straight up because there were clearly 500 people plus there at the ralley.    Clearly they cannot count anymore than a football team it appears (mr coffs coast football film guy)

See News Story HERE

We all need to get on to each member of council today.  All the addresses and phone numbers and email addresses are below. 

Email the local member Luke Hartsukyer  and hound him for action on this issue now as well.

I hear there is a  Website that will be up and running shortly.   This will make it easy for distributing information around to the greater public and especially those that do not like the old Facebook approach and help the prickles and the goo. [spikeys and fluffies]

Mark Troy (Mayor) ph: 6655 7315 email:

Garry Carter ph: 0499 984 163 email:

Desmae Harrison (Deputy Mayor) ph: 0499 984 166 email:

Dominic King ph: 0499 984 164 email:

Steve Klipin ph: 0499 984 165 email:

Gordon Manning ph: 0499 984 162 email:

David Scott ph: 0499 984 161 email:

Environmental Health Officers ph: 6655 7300 email:
We want council to do their jobs now and protect our waterways from any proposed spraying by forestry corporation. Their buffer zones are insufficient and their 6 hour drying time post spray out is also grossly insufficient. The fact the forestry corporation chose to undergo a spray of any kind ground or aerial in the middle of our rainy season speaks for itself.  STOP Forestry Corporation from Aerial Spraying
Carol Vernon Greens Member stands up in the community against Forestry Corporation NSW

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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