Thursday, December 18, 2014

Using the BASKET WEAVE as an analogy of Life.

This is the funniest part. The world needs a percentage of people who will never get it.  That is how it all works.

None of what we see in our world would work if we all thought the same as each other. We would be in a void. It sounds good in theory but in reality the universe is driven by opposition. Things hold together with the under's and the overs.  

The (under's and over's) Weft and the Warp, separately are mere threads, but together they make cloth.   Cloth is then useful for many items where once it was a bunch of threads.

This analogy is easy for a basket maker to understand. A basket to continue with this analogy, would fall apart if there were no tension from apposing forces.

The world is receiving its knowledge from words which can be manipulated.  If we take our knowledge from symbolism we are connecting with a different level because there is far less chance that this can be manipulated ie.  1 + 1 will always eqal 2 some where in the world. 

Our alphabet and numbers are forms of symbols we still use to day in our daily life.  Symbolism is what speaks to the soul.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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