Saturday, December 06, 2014

Gemini Full Moon and for a house full of geminis that means Party.

It was a Gemini full moon and Victoria is set to announce its new laws on Gay Marriage.
The days leading up to this full moon have been dotted with storms both in the sky and down here on the ground with so much being in two minds.

IMG 0762
There was a faint rainbow in the halo of light coming from the moon.

December the sixth Gemini full moon is specifically a gift from the universe. Its time to let the hair down and lighten the load endeavour to make good use of this time and have an uplifting time with good friends or family.  Its a great time to have a get together or party, Gemini full moons are a successful moon for these occasions.  Emotions will be running high so keep this in check and it will be alright.

IMG 0776
Gemini Full Moon over Urunga
What Astrologers say:
The Power Path
Full Moon in Gemini maximizes the qualities of fire and air. It's an enthusiastic time of increased activity and connection. We feel the urge toward expansion, looking at a bigger picture and finding our place in the mythic story of life with Jupiter in Leo ruling the Sun in Sagittarius.

When Gemini energy is at its fullest and the Moon peaks in this sign, our minds are titillated, and gathering information and making connections lights up all our circuit boards and that makes us feel alive!
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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