Tuesday, December 09, 2014

BASELINE TESTING to form a case against Mining Companies.

Baseline Testing is any test that measures current or pre-treatment parameters (e.g., chemistries, cell counts, enzyme levels, etc.), against which response(s) to therapy, if any, is (are) evaluated. 
Trials - Measurements taken at the beginning of a study, to serve as a reference for subsequent measurements or observations. (Dictionary)

New South Wales is playing the same game as Queensland, hiding from doing the right thing.  Four wells were recently fracked at Gloucester as part of AGL's Gloucester Gas Project and no testing was done.  For years now I have spoken about the importance of gaining a base reading to use when the need arises.  I personally feel people balk at the high costs when its left to them to carry out.  When people are sick its too late to do baseline testing to prove the source of the toxin.  This must be done before any work commences.

If these mining companies were so sure of their technology they would be offering people baseline testing.  They are not doing this.which  people depend on for their livelihoods, so that children and others can enjoy healthy lives.  There seems to be a severe lack of commonsense being used here because it should be the first responsibility, to protect the ecological, economic and social sustainability of any environment and its people.
Exposing the Risks 1January 2014

IMG 9802 Gloucester is under siege  

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