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Warren Mundine was hired by the corporate thugs.  He was hired as a lobbyist for Kores which is a Korean Mining Company.

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Liberal party fundraiser  and ICAC visitor Nick Di Girolamo was also hired by Kores as a lobbyist in March of 2012.  Barry lost is Premiership and mining was under the spotlight.

Mundine heads up the Indigenous Advisory Board and it is well known he supports mining.  It is also well known he is known as a sell out amongst the first peoples of this land.  No one with the true heart of the ancestors in their genes would do what this man has done.  He has forgotten who he really is and he has become a Gubba Man now.

English: Kolores Duo
English: Kolores Duo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Darkinjung people refused to deal with Warren Mundine and made a public statement saying this.   The government plans to push this deal through have seemingly backfired in a beautiful way and Mundine has been left with blast dust all over his face.

From the revelations of this corruption story of truth opening up of how these filthy deals have been done where mining and aboriginal land is concerned. 

This is not limited to mining either.  This same practice is used to bring roads in under budget.   Large developmental projects get the green light when the right indigenous person signs on the dotted line.

Aboriginal artifacts, scarred trees and sacred places have been mercilessly destroyed for the dollar.  The Australian government has committed acts of treason on its own citizens and they have committed acts of genocide against the first peoples of this land today with its decision to cover up the truth of the corrupt back room deals that have been done with "Sell Outs".


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