Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Fencing from local greenwaste.

Today we made three metres of fencing / screening from greenwaste from the swampy area not far from our home.   I had wanted to make something that would break the wind off the ocean while enjoying the view still. 

Brice hammered in the three stakes for my loom guides and we set up off the back fence and began to weave the fencing.  Yesterday we collected all the wood and carried that back home and today we went back for more.  There is a steady supply of this material locally.

Me standing next to the fence loom with some unfinished fencing.
This is going to be a permanent set up in my yard.  The imagination is all that limits one with this project.  I have many many ideas I want to try out that have been running through my mind for a long time now. 

I weave baskets and so I would also like to make the twine for the fencing myself from materials from the surrounding bushland, then the project is completely all made from raw materials from the bush. 

Today,  we used heavy duty string on a ball because I was impatient to start this project.  I will make a supply of homemade jute  and have that ready for my next phase of fence weaving.

If hardwood straight sticks were used and fishing line to weave, it would be very strong and you could make a sleeping hammock from this so that you were up off the ground in any wet weather in the bush.  

There are many long grasses and reeds as well as the obvious skinny bamboo that one could use to construct shelter, screening, bedding or garden surrounds.
To learn how to do this I watched a Youtube video and followed all of the guys instructions and it worked perfectly.  Here is the video:

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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