Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Say YES to Cannabis legislation changing.

"Tony Abbott backs legalization of Marijuana"

I have my own story and my own reasoning for calling for changes around this.  I had to make a sacrifice and that was purely because the system was false around the truth of the health benefits of this herb.  It has been argued and fought about in all of the establishment arena's for too long in my life time and a few generations before me. 

Cannabis Indica - Flower
Photo by Farmer Dodds
I did my own research on this years ago.  I wanted to find out why it was turning up in all of my herbals when I was studying Naturopathy when I was in my early 20's.  I then proceeded to find the most amazing facts relating to this plant that stretch back as far as the minds eye can go back into the ancient past of our history of humanity. 

Largely I would say we have been shafted by authorities who stood to benefit in some way by making this illegal and stopping people utilizing it for the clear benefits it has It is written about in sripture where it refers to it as Kaneh Bosem.  The resin was said to have had great health benefits.  This was not translated correctly from the Greek and Hebrew texts.

They talk in the public arena about trials, I would say that the trials have already been done and that we need a team of people who can decipher the research and start to gain back the last five years or more they have wasted with this.

I watched a show on television on the SBS station and I was in absolute tears listening to the mothers and the desperation they face with the medical problems their children are facing and the lack of quality of life for them.  I had to agree that the other medications they were prescribed had side effects too and I suppose as a mum one has to work out which is the greater devil for the benefit to the patient.  Cannabis wins hands down. 

They talk about strong psychotropics etc and yet they openly prescribe chemicals that are far more dangerous.  The man said it right when he said there is nothing this plant cannot help in some way. 

Do they test the strength of rosemary or of parsley and what about thyme and then there is chilli, now you can cultivate some seriously strong capsaicin with that and cause a lot of harm.  I think that the argument to wait any longer is long over due.

Cannabis has a high nutritional value as well.  It can re route failed systems by mimicking.  This is what our Endo-Cannabinoid receptors are for in our brains.  Cannabis is not the only source of this active ingredient.[http://montanabiotech.com/2011/03/26/scientists-find-new-sources-of-plant-cannabinoids-other-than-medical-marijuana/]   There are a lot of interesting pieces of information here as well


It is by far the easiest and more preferred source however. 

IMG 8585 Hemp Oil

Exploring the Endocannabinoid system = Montana Biotech

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